About Me


Hey there! My name is Nekko and I enjoy programming, making music and designing graphics!

I started YouTube back in 2008 as an animator that transitioned into a gaming channel before I began showcasing my fan works.

The name “Nefault” came from a nickname I gave to a pokemon in the Pokemon Emerald game when I was young. I believe I played around with the word “default” and somehow that came to be. My username was originally meant to be “Sonics1st”, but it was later changed. I left “1st” at the end for self-assurance reasons of course.

I began creating games back in 2010. I took only 2 programming courses (nearly failing the first one) and learned to use Game Maker 8.
I learned to create music on my own 2 years prior to creating my first game. I use to produce techno and hip-hop tracks before I focused on VGM.
I learned to design graphics since I first discovered MSPaint at a very young age. I took high school and college courses learning how to design graphics more professionally.

If you’d like to learn more about me, don’t be afraid to send me an email or DM me! I’m always available for questions!