Chao Resort Island (Patch 1.0.1)

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Patch 1.0.1 (8/7/2017)
– Prevented the player from being able to take out items from the inventory while the chao status menu shows
– Hero chao’s belly area is the correct color
– Prevented the inventory system from changing the items you bring out into chao if the garden is full of items
– Payout from Chao Games has been slightly increased to compensate for lack of more interactive mini-games
– Fruit will not grow from trees if you have a certain amount of fruit existing
– Prompt text “Throw” appears as an option if you’re moving faster while carrying something
– All items can be thrown
– Eggs can be thrown to break open (Drains their mood meter by 2 bars and happiness level by -10%)
– When chao/eggs are thrown against a solid object, they bounce off
– Chao that finish a race at the Chao Games have their belly meter drained by 2 bars and are fully awakened
– You won’t be able to enter starving chao at the Chao Games
– Chao’s belly drains slightly faster
– Characters do not go silent after petting chao