Chao Resort Island (Patch 1.0.2)

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Patch 1.0.2 (8/10/2017)
-Payout from Chao Games has been increased slightly more
-HD Text Graphics for higher resolution
-Default window size is x2
-Chao stats level up each time your chao completes a race
-Intro and main menu scene can be skipped much earlier
-Chao alignment changes on feeding and giving toys
-Abusing chao as Shadow changes their alignment to hero
-Abusing chao as Knuckles doesn’t affect their alignment
-Chao awaken much faster
-Happiness Level increases more easily
-Tired meter on a chao with a full belly decreases 1.5x faster rather than 2x
-Chao belly meter rate moves down slightly faster
-Chao belly meter goes down 1 bar rather than 2 after completing a race
-Value of sold items increased from 30% to 60%
-Intro and tutorial dialogue were edited
-Difficulty in all levels above 1 in Chao Games has been decreased
-Chao mood/hunger bar and egg hatch/sleep time decrease while you’re away from the garden (Mood bar caps at 5 bars | Belly bar caps at 2 bars)
-Professor Bunga randomly leaves as intended. (reappears in the couryard every 10 minutes)
-Items bounce off of ground when thrown
-Activity Time shows within 5 seconds of being idle
-The number of collected Chao Tokens display with the Activity Time

(Bug Fixes)
-Chao Status menu cannot be opened during the in-garden tutorial and while you’re carrying an item/chao
-Cannot take out items from inventory while entering and exiting an area
-Chao Status menu doesn’t show until Proffessor Bunga leaves you with your chao
-Fixed the update issue where the message tells you “you can’t log in twice” (every player’s copy of the game was assigned the same login name)
-Objects and Models no longer disappear due to a shader issue (thanks to @LostSubject01 for assistance with testing the fix)
-Nonexistent items the game attempts to create will not result in an error message
-All chao at the Chao Games won’t attempt to fly again when it’s time to stay on the ground
-Skipping the Nefault1st intro will fade the jingle rather than cut it off
-Fixed the sounds that couldn’t play (ex: egg hatching)
-Chao that are found swimming at the start of the game no longer immediately jump out of the water
-Chao that know how to swim don’t cough when coming out of the water
-Pressing opposite directional keys and petting at the same time no longer moves the player to the other side of the chao
-Chao model from chao selection screen at the Chao Games no longer flickers when moving the selector