Chao Resort Island




PC V1.2 Download Link[.zip][54.8MB]

Mac V1.2 Download Link[.zip][57.6MB]

PC V1.2 Mirror Link[.zip]
Mac V1.2 Mirror Link[.zip]
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Chao Resort Island is a 2.5D Chao raising game available for PC and Mac!
The game takes place on a tropical island which hosts multiple resorts for you to raise your Chao in.

Standard Features:

  • Playable Characters – raise your Chao as either Sonic, Shadow, or Knuckles
  • Egg Colors – purchase 13+ different egg colors
  • Multiple Fruits – feed your Chao different fruits to raise multiple stats
  • Toys and Interactive Objects – let your Chao interact with different items to increase its intelligence level
  • Chao Alignments – Neutral, Hero, and Dark (Influenced by the 3 characters)
  • Chao Evolution – evolve your Chao into 3 different alignments (evolution types, 2nd stage evolution, and life cycle not included)
  • Chao Abilities – from swimming, to flying, to running, to playing musical instruments
  • Chaos Drives – boost your Chao’s individual stats (Extension Version for SvD Only) (Coming Soon…)
  • 24 Chao limit – raise up to 8 Chao per resort
  • (NEW) Chao Breeding – Chao can produce offspring with inherited traits (color, tone, ability, performance)

Special Features:

  • Time and Season change – set based on your computer’s clock and calendar (+adjustable)
  • Hats and Accessories – dress your Chao to help them stand out from the rest
  • Gamepad Support – play with an external controller (Xbox 360/One Interface)
  • Chao Games – test your Chao’s skills through resort activities that correspond to each stat
  • Online Updates – get updates without having to manually download them (PC Only)
  • Bulletin Board – read my blog posts and update info in-game via online
  • (NEW) Camera Mode – take pictures of your Chao and save them to a photo gallery
  • Secret Events – receive an exclusive prize during events that occur throughout the year


Creator & Programmer – Nefault1st

Graphic Artists – Nefault1st (alias “Kainoso”) & Goncas23

3D Modeler/Texture Artist – Nefault1st

*most graphic materials included such as backgrounds and sprites originate from official Sonic games © SEGA®

Music Composer – Nefault1st (alias “nekkosu”)


Faseeh – ‘Music theme’ for Resort Center

Bluukio – ‘Promo artwork’ for Chao Resort Island

BlackAce – ‘Programming assistance’ for Chao Games

Neocraftz1553 – ‘3D model’ of Resort Center (building)

BDPvPro – ‘Feline Ears, Beat’s Goggles & Snorkel Mask sprites’ for Tops and Accessories

Candy – ‘ Character sprite/animation improvement’ for Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles (v 1.3)

QA Testers:






Chao Resort Island Community Credits

Many thanks for making this possible!


41 thoughts on “Chao Resort Island

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  2. We are excited !! We made Fan Page on FaceBook, Called Chao Resort Island. Game is pretty cool, we love it ! Keep updating it, With Love ❤

  3. Can we expect to see other playable characters, like Dr. Eggman? He could take care of Chao in SA2 after all, and it was really cute!

  4. I Found A Bug That I Would Like To Report. When I Got The Trumpet Toy From The Gift Shop And Put It In The Beach Resort When I Came Back Later It Was Gone. Hope You Can Fix This. Thanks.

  5. AMAZING!! I wish it were more easy to change Character’s… I mean you have to save quit go to options change and go back, it’s kind of a pain in the butt… But i still give it a 10 out of 10!! I have been waiting for sega to put in chao garden for a while or just make a chao garden game!! But i think you did better then sega would of…

  6. Trying to download the game on a Mac .. upon opening the file it’s saying “Unable to find game!!:” anyone know how to fix this?

    • Go to >System Preferences>Security and Privacy>General and Allow downloads to open from Anywhere. Once you try to open the file again you should see a pop up asking if you want to allow it to open. Finito~

    • I’ve played a few hours as Shadow pumping up one Chao’s Flying stat with both fruit and race experience and he just ended up as a generic adult Dark Chao. Did I miss something or is that really all there is? No stat-based evolutions at all?

  7. I’m wondering if there’s a certain percentage chance of hatching chao with unique expressions? I’ve hatched around 20 chao, and each of them (excluding one of the beginner eggs) has hatched with a plain face. I’ve been saying goodbye to many newly hatched chao just to attempt to buy more and try for different facial features.

    I adore the game, but it’s a little disheartening to get the same thing every time.

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  11. aaA this is rly rly great, I recently got back into chao because it’s my childhood & found out about this game !! I was so stoked even before downloading, but now that I have it’s the best ever :’-3 You guys did such a good job and I’m definitely looking forward to more updates !! It would be cool to see more in the evolution i.e. animals, chaos drives (which I hear is underway), & different form appearances !! I plan to download SvD when the update happens.. Best of luck to the whole crew 💛

  12. You‘ve done a really gret job!

    This game is better, than everything sega gave uns in the last 15 years. 🙂 Congratulations!

    Please keep on expanding and updating.

    bw Wurf

  13. I want to cry. Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful successor to my favorite subgame from any game ever. This game feels so faithful to the original and has so much cute appeal. I hope you only continue to improve and add more to this wonderful game. Thank you.

  14. Can we get more characters? Would be so nice since I’ve enjoyed this game for so long… I’m thinking: Tails, Tikal, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Big, Jet, Wave, Rouge, Chaos, Eggman, Beat, Ulala, NiGHTS, REALA, Alex Kidd,

    If you add these characters, I’ll be sure to keep playing because of the soul fact that the game keeps getting interesting.

  15. When I try to open the .exe file for the game, an “open” window comes up and it tells me to select a file to open. I tried selecting the .zip file and copying the .exe file to my desktop to try opening it, but neither worked and all that happened was that the “open” window closed. How do I open the game?

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