Chao Resort Island


PC V1.0 Download Link[.zip][45.8MB]

Mac V1.0 Download Link[.zip][50.7MB]

(Mac users must open game files in the home directory)

View patch notes

View usable graphics

Chao Resort Island is a 2.5D Chao raising game available for PC and Mac!
The game takes place on a tropical island which hosts multiple resorts for you to raise your Chao in.

Standard Features:

  • Playable Characters – raise your Chao as either Sonic, Shadow, or Knuckles
  • Egg Colors – purchase 13+ different egg colors
  • Multiple Fruits – feed your Chao different fruits to raise multiple stats
  • Toys and Interactive Objects – let your chao interact with different items to increase its intelligence level
  • Chao Alignments – Neutral, Hero, and Dark (Influenced by the 3 characters)
  • Chao Evolution – evolve your chao into 3 different alignments (evolution types, 2nd stage evolution, and life cycle not included)
  • Chao Abilities – from swimming, to flying, to running, to playing musical instruments
  • Chaos Drives – boost your Chao’s individual stats (Extension Version for SvD Only) (Coming Soon…)
  • *24 Chao limit – raise up to 8 Chao per resort
*early version of this game comes with only 2 resorts

Special Features:

  • Time and Season change – set based on your computer’s clock and calendar (+adjustable)
  • Hats and Accessories – dress your Chao to help them stand out from the rest
  • Gamepad Support – play with an external controller (Xbox 360/One Interface)
  • Chao Games – test your Chao’s skills through resort activities that correspond to each stat
  • Online Updates – get updates without having to manually download them (PC Only)
  • Bulletin Board – read my blog posts and update info in-game via online
  • Secret Events – receive an exclusive prize during events that occur throughout the year


Creator & Programmer – Nefault1st

Graphic Artists – Nefault1st (alias “Kainoso”) & Goncas23

3D Modeler/Texture Artist – Nefault1st

*most graphic material included such as backgrounds and sprites originate from official Sonic games © SEGA®

Music Composer – Nefault1st (alias “nekkosu”)


Faseeh – ‘Music theme’ for Resort Center

Bluukio – ‘Promo artwork’ for Chao Resort Island

BlackAce – ‘Programming assistance’ for Chao Games

Neocraftz1553 – ‘3D model’ of Resort Center (building)

BDPvPro – ‘Feline Ears, Beat’s Goggles & Snorkel Mask sprites’ for Tops and Accessories

QA Testers:






Many thanks for making this possible!


27 thoughts on “Chao Resort Island

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  2. We are excited !! We made Fan Page on FaceBook, Called Chao Resort Island. Game is pretty cool, we love it ! Keep updating it, With Love ❤

  3. Can we expect to see other playable characters, like Dr. Eggman? He could take care of Chao in SA2 after all, and it was really cute!

  4. I Found A Bug That I Would Like To Report. When I Got The Trumpet Toy From The Gift Shop And Put It In The Beach Resort When I Came Back Later It Was Gone. Hope You Can Fix This. Thanks.

  5. AMAZING!! I wish it were more easy to change Character’s… I mean you have to save quit go to options change and go back, it’s kind of a pain in the butt… But i still give it a 10 out of 10!! I have been waiting for sega to put in chao garden for a while or just make a chao garden game!! But i think you did better then sega would of…

  6. Trying to download the game on a Mac .. upon opening the file it’s saying “Unable to find game!!:” anyone know how to fix this?

    • I’ve played a few hours as Shadow pumping up one Chao’s Flying stat with both fruit and race experience and he just ended up as a generic adult Dark Chao. Did I miss something or is that really all there is? No stat-based evolutions at all?

  7. I’m wondering if there’s a certain percentage chance of hatching chao with unique expressions? I’ve hatched around 20 chao, and each of them (excluding one of the beginner eggs) has hatched with a plain face. I’ve been saying goodbye to many newly hatched chao just to attempt to buy more and try for different facial features.

    I adore the game, but it’s a little disheartening to get the same thing every time.

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