Sonic vs Darkness

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Powered by Sol Engine V2 on Game Maker 8.0

Demo 2.0 Download Link [.zip][85.6MB]

Demo 1.5 Download Link [.zip][70.9MB]
Demo 1.0 Download Link [.zip][63.6MB]

Introducing a Sonic fan game titled Sonic vs Darkness created by yours truly. This game is a remake of my very first Sonic fan game Sonic vs Darkness (2011), which began as a sprite-animated Sonic series project on YouTube. This demo features two playable characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, and will include stages inspired by the ones from the original fan game. Like the original version, the gameplay style is inspired by modern Sonic games Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed. The download link is located above. Please enjoy.Disclaimer: This is a Non-profit fan-game project in development by Nefault1st. All registered trademarks and copyrights belong to SEGA® and Sonic Team®. “Sonic vs Darkness” is not affiliated with SEGA® or Sonic Team®.


– Two playable characters Sonic and Shadow
– Two playable stages (includes 2 acts & 2 bosses)
– Includes a tutorial
– Time Attack Mode
– Customizable Skills (limited to Aerial Skills)
– Custom key mapping
– Create up to 4 save files
– Sound Test
– Xbox 360 Controller support
– Music and Sound Volume Control
– Special FX/Reflection Options
– Fullscreen/Window Resizing
– Nintendo DS View Mode (Demo 1.5 Feature only)


The OST is currently a WIP, but there are plenty tracks for you to enjoy.

Sonic vs Darkness OST [SoundCloud]

Sonic vs Darkness OST [YouTube]

Every track is composed by nekkosu (Nefault1st)


Creator & Programmer – Nefault1st

Artwork & Gimmick Spriters – Nefault1st (Kainoso) & Goncas23

*including original backgrounds and sprites from official Sonic games © SEGA®

Music Composer – Nefault1st (nekkosu)

Stage Designer – Nefault1st


The Sol Engine originated from the first release of the Sonic Revival Engine.

Creator of the Sonic Revival Engine – Chaos Rush

Physics Engine – Damizean

Patches > > >

> 2.0.1 (1/19/2016)
– Completing a stage for the first time in Time Attack mode no longer gives you an S Rank and 10000 points automatically
– Lowered total score expectations for all ranks in Sunlight Paradise Act 1 & 2
– Modified README + CONTROLS file


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