Leaf Token Guide (SA V2 )

=Salom Adventure Demo 2.0 Leaf Token Guide=

NOTE: You can collect all tokens through “Adventure” mode. Collected tokens or tokens found during “Quick Play” mode will be dark and transparent.

HUB WORLD (2 tokens):
-At the beach section past the platforms above, you will see a trail of green rings, you must ring dash to reach the token.

-At the town section over top the buildings, you’ll find a token surrounded by speed rings. You must either use the balloons to reach it, or reach it by floating up the wind from the electric fan.

NEOFALLS ZONE (2 tokens):
-After passing the NEGA wheel, instead of taking the elevator ahead, jump from the top of the hill onto a secret platform a little past the elevator

-At the large body of water past the the pit of flametraps, jump over the spring pointing downward at the end of the water and you’ll find a secret tunnel containing the token at the end.

SUNWOODS ZONE (2 tokens):
-After passing the first two flamethrowers at the low part of the level, jump into the water just before passing the first platform with the tree that’s halfway in the water

-When making it to the surface of the water over the 3 anti-gravity wheels, go all the way left and you’ll run into the token.

-After passing the large chopper fish, face left and jump off the ledge of the platform you are sent to, far onto a secret platform you were sent over.

-After passing the large fish, keep heading right and then jump onto a platform above which will send you to the highest point of the level, before being sent back down, jump off the platform onto
a loop just ahead.

-Get to the first grey rocket and before reaching the two springs sending you downwards, jump over them and wall jump to the top, head right and you’ll run right into the token.

-When being sent up by the purple & green rocket, up into the air-vent (which is the small tunnel with white tiles) head to the fan, jump over it and float up, stomp on the boxes to the right, you should see a spring, hit the spring then head right into a hidden tunnel and you should get the token.

NEOFALLS TZONE (2 tokens):
-On the other side of the 2nd water tunnel (just after the checkpoint) jump across the purple speed ring pointing downward.

-Just behind the Goal Ring.

SUNWOODS TZONE (2 tokens):
-Over the secret spring hidden below the breakable block at the very beginning of the level.

-On the other side of the wall near the red bumpers, use the anti-gravity wheel to get to it.

-Jump into the wind past the giant wave section to reach it.

-Past the platform holding the spring and the invincibility monitor, jump at the start of the rail going downwards while boosting.